Johnny Hanny Cocky: King of the Smugglers

This has been my LONGEST EPISODE EVER. The one thing I wasn’t expecting with this whole election thing was that some candidates would basically live their entire freakin’ life before receiving the nomination like JEEZ LOUISE!

Another thing I discovered is that there are actually MORE than 8 first presidential candidates! However, when I looked into these other guys, I pretty much found out they have little to no historical clout whatsoever… So I won’t be dedicating my mainstream episodes towards them ya’know…

But maybe I will still do their episodes but put it behind a paywall or something!?! Who knows… But yeah we’re FINALLY done with the Johnnies, so that means we’re halfway through the first candidates… And I promise that the next episode will be MUCH, MUCH shorter than this one turned out to be, so you’ll have extra time to do some pilates or play Dragonball FighterZ or whateva.

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