John Rutledge: Grumpy Potatohead

Today, we’re looking at candidate number three for 1789! John Rutledge! One thing I realized, because we keep talking about lawyers and stuff, is that the fact that the US was founded by a whole bunch of nerdy lawyers who use a lot of paper may have been kind of accidental?

What do I mean? Well, the only people who gave a hoot about the stamp tax were the lawyers and other nerdy paper pushers. This is because they were the ones who used a whole lot of paper. So they were paying a whole lot cuz of that tax.

This is what made them like, organize, and become community leaders, and it’s what made them the FIRST people the (non-loyalist) public would go to… Especially when it came to the matter of how to break away from Tea Land.

What if the first tax was on like, Milk shipments, or something? Would this country have been founded by farmers or something? Maaaaybe. Mayyyyybe.

So yeah! Stay tuned! Candidate Number four is coming next week!

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