James K. Polk: The Biggest Loser with the Luckiest Luck!

We’re looking at our final prezzy wezzy candidate for this turbulent 1844 US election! While we may have discussed this man before, the turn of events that caused him to even be a presidential candidate this time is so utterly wild and specific, it’s like we’re talking about a different person! But fascinatingly, we aren’t, […]

James G. Birney: Making Big Waves from Across the Pond!

Now that we have finished looking at the small gaggle of VP candidates for 1844, it’s time to move on to the Presidential contenders in this US Electional climate! We will start by revisiting an old friend who is building an international movement, piece by methodical piece! Since this is an old friend, this will […]

1841: Edgar Allen Monkey Murder

We have arrived at the first in-between-election episode! And it looks like one of our favorite celebrities has dropped a bombshell, drama-defining short story in this year of 1841! I think we oughta give it a once-over, don’t you? Become a Patron!


Here we are! We have made it to the next critical juncture in our perpetual, Presidential Games Thrones Bonanza! It’s the election of 1840, and it looks like some major wardrobe changes are in order this time! Become a Patron!