1826: We Really Need To Talk About This Riot

In 1826 a group of West Point Academy cadets staged an entire mutiny! Physically assaulting their mentors! Destroying school property! The cause? Learning that the eggnog at the Christmas Party wasn’t going to have whiskey in it this year. Yes. This actually happened. This actually, actually happened. Become a Patron!

1825: Knock Knock

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Since the last time we did one of these in-between-election episodes? Well, let’s start this off with a Bible, wait, I mean a pamphlet containing obscure free-form poetry based on the Bible. Wait… what? Become a Patron!


After multiple months of examining the many, many candidates for the Iron Throne, they finally collide in the fateful 1824 Presidential Election! And if you thought the 2-way tie was crazy back in Tommy J’s time, then you’re gonna wanna pop some EXTRA popcorn for this one! Become a Patron!

John Quincy Adams: King of the North!

This is the final Presidential Candidate we’re lookin’ at for the year of 1824! And in the brief time we’ve had since his last candidacy, the man’s taken actions that impact the US approach international diplomacy TO THIS VERY DAY! So yeah, this is a REBROADCAST you don’t wanna miss with the NEW INFO at […]

William Crawford: Keep it Chill, Keep it Sneaky!

This next 1824 presidential candidate is another man who happens to be throwing his hat in the ring again! But the thing is: he’s throwing in this hat in the most casually clandestine way of all the candidates. Who said you needed to stir the pot to win elections? This is a REBROADCAST with the […]