Gideon Granger: The Purest Mudblood!

We’re looking at our second vice prezzy wezzy candidate for 1804, Gideon Granger! Everything seems pretty normal about this guy to be honest… Well, except for the names of his family and his aliases and like… Why does it have to be the names? Whatever. Become a Patron!

William Maclay: Masamune’s Right Eye

We have just finished a set of nifty in-between-election episodes, and it’s time for the election of 1804! Woo to the Who? William Maclay! But why this guy? He’s not a presidential candidate, he’s a Vice Principal candidate! What do you mean? Like I’m gonna let some piece of legislation reduce the number of episodes. […]


As you may or may not have heard in the last episode Garbled Twistory has a Patreon Page! What does that mean for you? It means you have POWER. What kind of power you ask? Well, here’s how… Everybody that becomes a patron has the opportunity to make me create a bonus episode on any topic you […]

1803: 530,000,000 ACRES OF LAND ON THE WALL!

It’s time for the final in-between-election episode in our post-1800 series! For the year of 1803, we’re gonna go mainstream, cuz it’s gonna be difficult to NOT talk about Napoleon giving away an entire third of the North American continent! I also give you the cheat codes as to where and how you will be able […]

1801: Rich people are so very very strange…

This is the first in-between election episode since the turn of the century!! So what’s the scoop for 1801? Why, it’s the first time someone in America built one of those crazy yacht things. So yeah it’s a fun little human interest story… A cute little blurb about some stubby rich wannabe vigilante.