1841: Edgar Allen Monkey Murder

We have arrived at the first in-between-election episode! And it looks like one of our favorite celebrities has dropped a bombshell, drama-defining short story in this year of 1841! I think we oughta give it a once-over, don’t you? Become a Patron!


Here we are! We have made it to the next critical juncture in our perpetual, Presidential Games Thrones Bonanza! It’s the election of 1840, and it looks like some major wardrobe changes are in order this time! Become a Patron!

William Henry Harrison: Keeping His Cool

Here we are, looking at the final Prezzy Wezzy Candidate for the election year of 1840! And, to be honest, over the past four years since this man was last at-bat, he hasn’t really made any big waves. Could this work to his advantage? This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 24:39 […]

Martin Van Buren: Everything Is Falling Apart

The second-to-last Prezzy Wezzy Candidate just so happens to be an old, sneaky friend of ours. And my goodness, this man has had to deal with every potential peril of the presidential job the universe could imagine throwing at him in this exact moment. Yes, this is a wild REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at […]

John Tyler: Scratching That Political Itch

The final VP candidate we’re taking a gander at has indeed been at this juncture before… But the story of how things have changed for him and how much of a change he’s looking for is well… Kinda uncertain, to be honest. This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 20:21 mark! Become […]

Richard Mentor Johnson: He’s a Sad, Sad Man.

The second-to-last VP Candidate we’re looking at for 1840 just so happens to be that legendary war hero guy we talked about last election! However, it’s four years later now, and his story as VP is um… Very Different. This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 41:40 mark! Become a Patron!