1805: Harmony with a Chance of Meatballs

It’s about a buncha culty German Christian weirdos named the Harmony Society who showed up in Pennsylvania with some radical ideas that are shockingly ahead of their time… An interesting case study of how the social ideas of today would (or would not) have a significant effect on how religious societies would have gone about […]


We are FINALLY at the 1804 ELECTION, and while it’s looking like the most obvious outcome since daytime coming after nighttime, the circumstances leading to this total freakin’ sweep are super fascinating! And yes, Yu-Gi-Oh is involved.

Thomas Jefferson: vs. The Ottoman Empire

Yep. That title is the real deal. We’re looking at the second and FINAL presidential candidate for 1804, and it’s the reigning champ! So yes, this is a REBROADCAST with the wild, updated info at the 21:24 mark! Buckle your seatbelts, this story gets crazy! Become a Patron!

George Clinton: Retired? SIKE!!

We’re looking at the final VICE presidential candidate for 1804! And guess what? Remember that guy who said he was gonna retire because of his arthritis? Yeah. Not happening. So this is a REBROADCAST of George Clinton’s story. If you just want to see the new developments, you can find them at the 16:09 mark! […]