William Smith: Really? This Guy? Again? Why?

We are back to our regularly scheduled election biography programming for 1836, and as we begin to look at the roster, I think I need to strongly urge the 1800s electors to please stop protest voting for vice presidential candidates that don’t even know they’re getting votes and might as well be retired. *sigh* This […]


Here we are! The 1832 US Election is upon us! Once again, we have many factions with many issues, but the population density has changed quite dramatically! There are some new problems on the horizon, and new battles beginning to be fought. Become a Patron!

Andrew Jackson: Oh So Po-pu-lar… Lare?

Here we are, checking in on our FINAL Prezzy Wezzy candidate for the 1832 US Election. And as usual, the angry man who suddenly descended from an unknown place in the mountains is causing a ruckus wherever he goes! This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 39:35 mark! Become a Patron!