Here we are! We have arrived at the fateful 1836 election! A whole buncha people are wearing wigs all of the sudden now, but are the wigs stylish enough to win a presidency? We shall see… Become a Patron!

Martin Van Buren: Fruition Incarnate

The final presidential potential that occupies the 1836 space is a man who has carefully calculated every single political move up to this point. And this time around, it sure looks like these machinations will bear the biggest of fruits! This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 27:04 mark! Become a Patron!

William Smith: Really? This Guy? Again? Why?

We are back to our regularly scheduled election biography programming for 1836, and as we begin to look at the roster, I think I need to strongly urge the 1800s electors to please stop protest voting for vice presidential candidates that don’t even know they’re getting votes and might as well be retired. *sigh* This […]