Nathaniel Macon: A Squid that Fights like a Kraken!

As we begin our descent from the Vice Presidential Candidates for the 1824 election, we encounter the most CURMUDGEONY man in South Carolina! I know. That’s REALLY saying something. If you want to see how the Democratic-Republican Party is going to DRAMATICALLY SHIFT post-1824 look no further! Or go ahead and look further. You have […]

Albert Gallatin: A Shadow President?!

This VP Candidate has basically been in charge of the US’s entire economic strategy for multiple administrations and has been whispering sweet policy suggestions in the Presidents’ ears at the same time! Honestly, I’m shocked he wasn’t even in consideration for a Vice Principal role previously! But here we are, in 1824! Another VP Candidate […]

Erastus Root: Weird Name, Boring Life

This 1824 VP candidate did barely anything exemplary. I really don’t understand how he managed to become a potential candidate to begin with! But hey, maybe the potential is more of a commentary on the vast political power controlled by the State of New York. Become a Patron!

William Eustis: More like, Astoundingly Useless!

This next 1824 VP Candidate has led a very different life from your usual hyper bougie founding father figure… A life rife with more than one career-ending failure! I have NO CLUE why or how this man was able to stick around. Needless to say, this story is um, “impressive” in the air quotes sense […]