1845: Crisis! A City in Flames!

We are starting this series of in-between-election episodes with a real bang! Why? Because apparently, somebody randomly decided it was time to summon Iblis: The Flames of Destruction. Hey, I don’t make the rules, okay? Become a Patron


Hurrah! We have made our way to the 1844 US Presidential Election! My goodness! This one is gonna be HUGELY consequential as far as the course of US History is concerned. Why? Well, it’s all thanks to a big fat area that starts with a big fat letter T! Become a Patron!

James K. Polk: The Biggest Loser with the Luckiest Luck!

We’re looking at our final prezzy wezzy candidate for this turbulent 1844 US election! While we may have discussed this man before, the turn of events that caused him to even be a presidential candidate this time is so utterly wild and specific, it’s like we’re talking about a different person! But fascinatingly, we aren’t, […]