1801: Rich people are so very very strange…

This is the first in-between election episode since the turn of the century!! So what’s the scoop for 1801? Why, it’s the first time someone in America built one of those crazy yacht things. So yeah it’s a fun little human interest story… A cute little blurb about some stubby rich wannabe vigilante.


You know how I love shenanigans, right? Well let me tell ya, compared to the shenanigans of the past elections, this 1800 US election is the freakin’ HOLY GRAIL (so far). And I have a feeling these elections are only gonna get crazier and crazier people. A shenanigan bonanza extravaganza. That’s the best way to […]

Thomas Jefferson: Vice Warden Hannyabal

We’re at the precipice! It’s time to take a gander at our final major candidate for the 1800 election! You may know him as the mac n’ cheese man, TOMMY JEFFYSON! Yeah, we’ve talked about this dude before so this is another REBROADCAST with the new information at the 14:53 mark! Side Note: There are […]

Aaron Burr: Trust in the Heart of the Cards

It’s the second to last candidate for the 1800 election! Aaron Burr! We’ve talked about him before so this is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 8:08 mark. One striking thing that I found out is how great the foreshadowing is for future events! I mean who woulda thought Aaron was into Yu-Gi-Oh […]

John Adams: The French and the French Fries

Ah, yes! This week we must take a look at the second major candidate for the 1800 election! Oh yeah! It is time for a deep look at Johnny Adams and his time on the IRON THRONE!! And I’m warnin’ ya, there’s gonna be a LOTTA BAGUETTES INVOLVED! This is a REBROADCAST though, so if […]