George Clinton: Retired? SIKE!!

We’re looking at the final VICE presidential candidate for 1804! And guess what? Remember that guy who said he was gonna retire because of his arthritis? Yeah. Not happening. So this is a REBROADCAST of George Clinton’s story. If you just want to see the new developments, you can find them at the 16:09 mark! […]

John Breckinridge: Libraries Built on Blood

We’re looking at VP Candidate #5 for the 1804 election! This guy is your friendly neighborhood slaveowner librarian who regularly conspires with Thomas Jefferson and is a first in a long like of Breckinridges who probably just as conspiratorial and crafty as this guy right here!!! No big deal. Become a Patron!

Gideon Granger: The Purest Mudblood!

We’re looking at our second vice prezzy wezzy candidate for 1804, Gideon Granger! Everything seems pretty normal about this guy to be honest… Well, except for the names of his family and his aliases and like… Why does it have to be the names? Whatever. Become a Patron!