John Jay: Breaker of Chains

I tell the story of John Jay, yes, THE JOHN JAY who has everything named after him. This episode had me thinking for like weeks after I made it. The reason for this is because of John Jay’s role in the abolitionist movement despite still owning his own slaves. The fact that white men, who owned slaves and had power, created entire organizations to help manumit those slaves and provide legal counsel for freed blacks… complicates the narratives of black freedom I have often come across.

It’s interesting how often the white, slave-owning men are excluded from freedom narrative because their well, “purpose” for lack of a better word was to be on the anti-freedom side.

John Jay and his slave-owning rich white guy friends using their power to liberate… It complicates things… and I mean that in the most fascinating and conversation-enriching way.

So yeah. John Jay. Enjoy! Subscribe! Rate! You know the drill. Next time we’re talkin’ about Johnny Numbah 3!

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