Samuel Huntington: More like Average Joe Amirite??!!

Okay so this was my shortest episode in the revamped “Season 1.5” so far, and the reason why is quite interesting. Ya see, Samuel Hutchinson wasn’t the loudest person in the room, and wasn’t a figure shrouded in any controversy like, at all to my knowledge. YET. He was the president of the freakin’ Continental Congress! AND some wacky historians even call him the TRUE first president, cuz during his Continental Congress reign, the Articles of Confetti were set in motion ya’know?

I feel like Sammy Huntingtammy’s existence is a testament to the virtues of simply being a good person. I’m not saying the other candidates weren’t good people necessarily, but I am saying they were catty and petty with each other at times when it wasn’t needed. Sammy is living proof that good things happen to good people, no matter how quiet and unassuming they are.

This one’s a win for the introverts.

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