The census is such a weird chicken and egg thing though. Like obviously it isn’t single-handedly the cause of segregation but from the very beginning, it was making segregations amongst the many US identities.

Like the story of the census is simultaneously a story of people figuring out who they are and proudly being recognized for it and a story of oppressive control through the labels placed on citizens. Like 400 billion dollars of decisions are made that directly impact our lives based on these bubbles. EVERY YEAR.

That’s 400 billion government dollars spent because of who you are, and what you’re doing with your life. Now for the real question: Is that 400 billion benefiting you? If you think it’s not… Is it being used against you?

Hm! So strange. So fascinating.

Oh and here’s the interactive census race chart! It’s so fun to scurry around on it!!

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