As you may or may not have heard in the last episode Garbled Twistory has a Patreon Page!

What does that mean for you?

It means you have POWER.

What kind of power you ask? Well, here’s how…

Everybody that becomes a patron has the opportunity to make me create a bonus episode on any topic you want to suggest! And the priority I place on which suggestions I make episodes from first is based on the amount of money has been put into each one.

There are two ways to get me to make your specifically desired episode:

1. Every suggestion that passes the $100 marker immediately goes into the production process.

2. If a certain suggestion maintains the monetary lead for two months, it goes into production.

So yes! Your patronage does roll-over into the suggestion you make as time goes on! And yes! You can totally donate to other suggestions! And yes! Every suggestion made will be created! You’re in control of how soon!

These “suggestion” episodes can be anything and everything! The history of Johnson and Johnson a family company? No problem! The history of toilet paper? No problem! The history of maggots? No problem! (I’ll just add a content warning lol.)

At the end of every regular episode, I will state the standings of the bonus content stock market, and I will keep an updated list on this very page!

These “suggestion” episodes are 4/5 Patreon Exclusive! This means that for every fifth “suggestion” episode, one that is chosen at random will go public!


If you become a Patron of $5 or more, you’ll also get access to AN ENTIRE SEASON of episodes I’m calling Garbled Twistory: A Second Look.

These will essentially be remakes of every episode before the Battle of Long Island, along with entirely new episodes to compliment them, all Patreon Exclusive!

So basically…

The fate of my content is in your hands! Send me on a wild goose chase!


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