Johnny Adams: Crouching Fat Man, Not-So-Hidden Convictions

Indeed! It’s still the 1792 ELECTION!! WOO! And we gotta talk about Johnny Adams again, cuz he indeed did RUN AGAIN!

This episode is a REBROADCAST with the NEW CONTENT starting at the 18:38 mark! The new info talks about Johnny Adams standing around getting made fun of and being pretty much powerless as the VP!

In other news: Garbled Twistory is now an award-winning podcast! HUGE thanks to the organizers and creative attendees to DC Webfest! Being surrounded by infinite possibilities and amazing, talented creators was truly extraordinary and inspiring!

I’m just gonna put a list of all the other podcasts present at the festival for your perusal for you to check out cuz there’s such a wide variety of AMAZING stuff out there:

Magical History of Knox County

Stride and Saunter

Two Beer Queers

Good Grief


DC Diary

Anansi Storytime

Dealing With My Grief

… These are all truly, truly amazing pods and are guaranteed to enrich ya life in many ways so please check ’em out peeps!

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